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"Part of the reason this venue was chosen was surely that this optimistically progressive institution was voted the Rugby School of the 2016 on the site hosting the event.  And, rest assured, they aren’t resting on their laurels one bit: sports dynamo Thinus Pienaar’s foot is still firmly on the accelerator, even if they experienced something of a gap year in 2017..."

2017-04-07 Wild News, Wilderness

"Parel Vallei Rugby grateful after near drowning"

17-Feb-2017 | Die Burger - Weskaap

20-Nov-2015 | 

Coach Loffie - Wenke vir wenners

Naledi Publishers

"Coach Loffie - Wenke vir Wenners is 'n alles in een handleiding vir alle aspirant en gevestigde afrigters, sportlui en ander sportliefhebbers..."  KAIWHANA Rugby™ (Pty.Ltd) is dankbaar vir die deel "Op die net" (bladsy 40) wat handel oor KAIWHANA Rugby World™ en die werk wat ons die afgelope 5 jaar al verrig!

"The role social media plays in coaching"

The Farmhouse, Somerset West
25 October @ 07:00am 


"For the Love of the Game"

Knysna-Plett Herald (7 Nov 2013)

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"Ever since growing up in the East Rand, Pienaar's life has been on a steady goal-driven trajectory, although what he had initially thought he was seeking, in time began to transcend itself into an orbit unlike anything he could ever have imagined...My life motto is that rugby is not just a game, but a way of life"

"The ripple effect you cause and the chances of change in someones life is multiplied ten-fold. That is why we are doing this ultimately, to change lives. The more the better.."

Going somewhere quickly? (22 April 2016)

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"Rugby's not just a game, it's a way of life..."

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